Create Your Own Leather Metal Inset Albums


Accentuate Your Unforgettable Experiences

Include a Metal Window on the cover of your album to highlight the moments you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Feature your favorite images on small or large square windows or start your album with a gorgeous panoramic window that stretches across the front cover.

The Beauty Of Leather With A Touch Of Radiance

Metal Windows are embedded within a substantial leather cover. The Leather Lux alternative is wrapped around a sturdy board so your album stands the test of time. Choose from 13 bold colors to accompany your images.

Seamless Spreads For Awe-Inspiring Photographs

Metal Window Albums feature a lay-flat binding making it the perfect display for panoramic shots or epic full-spread scenes. Whether it’s images from your wedding day, or photos of your newborn baby, enjoy your most special moments without any visible gutters or breaks.

Studio samples are available.

The Perfect Pages To Preserve Your Memories

We only print using real silver halide photo paper, so your images stay looking sharp for years to come. Our Premium Albums have thicker, sturdier pages than our Photo Books. Choose between Thick & Extra Thick pages for your album.

Make It Personal

Create an album that stands apart from the rest. Customize your Premium Album with edge gilding available in black, gold or silver. Switch to rounded corners instead of the traditional square, or include your monogram or title your album with custom stamping.